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Our Mission

To inspire and empower children and teens, especially those who need us most, to reach their maximum potential as productive, healthy, responsible, and caring citizens.

Our Programs



BGCLBR members are assisted with daily homework assignments and are encouraged to study hard and remain in school. They are mentored and encouraged to graduate high school and enrolled in college and vocational programs.


BGCLBR members are empowered to improve their physical and mental health and develop good nutritional habits and fitness.


BGCLBR assists youths to become responsible, caring citizens and acquire skills for participating in future democratic process through programs offered at the Club.


Core Beliefs

Boys & Girls Club of Liberia Provides:

  • A secure facility to learn and develop into responsible citizens.....
  • Open-ended warm relationships with concern adult professionals...
  • Life-changing programs and character building experiences...
  • Hope and Opportunity for the least privileged children….

Boys & Girls Clubs of Liberia Facts and Figures

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) has for more than 150 years assisted in redirecting children and teens to paths of both political and social achievements through academic success, healthy lifestyles and character building. Boys & Girls Clubs of Liberia (BGCLBR) is modeled after the BGCA and is a bona fide partner of the BGCA International Track and the Global Boys & Girls Clubs

BGCLBR was formally organized and legally registered on 02/03/2015 in Louisville, KY as a Non-profit Corporation. Two months later, on 04/23/2015 BGCLBR was also legally registered and incorporated as a Non-profit Corporation in the Republic of Liberia. After months of setbacks, including the sudden death of one of the founding members and Acting Executive Director, Rev. George C. Washington, BGCLBR began the GlobalBGC Movement with a 3-month Pre-launch Program in July of 2015, BGCLBR first Club is located in Gaye Town, Old Road Sinkor, Monrovia, and currently provides services to more than 75 regular members.

The Boys and Girls Club of Liberia (BGCLBR) during 2017 reached out to more than 300 Liberian children and youths in two counties in Liberia, namely Montserrado and Bong Counties. The Boys and Girls Club of Liberia - Gaye Town continues to grow in membership. There are also four BGCLBR Clubs-in-progress in Gbarnga, Bong County, Nickley Town, Lower Johnsonville, Clay-Ashland, and Lakpasee, Montserrado County. Sadly the leadership of BGCLBR can only assist with whatever little resources that are available. These Clubs-in-progress are constantly being monitored even as they struggle to assist needed children.

The BGCLBR was officially represented at the 110th Boys & Girls Clubs of America Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana in May of 2016. BGCLBR successfully conducted its first successful Summer Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program for BGCLBR Gaye Town during the months of July – September of 2016. Liberia was again represented at the 111th Boys & Girls Clubs of America Annual Conference in Dallas, TX and also successfully conducted the 2017 Annual Summer STEM program from July –September, 2017 in Gaye Town, Monrovia, Liberia.

During the International Track Sessions, developing Clubs were introduce to grant writing and grant seeking. Lectures included club development and choosing talented Board Members. There were appeals for more assistance for Clubs in least developed countries to help ongoing programs. BGCLBR is still prospecting to get financial and in-kind donations to grow BGCLBR Clubs–in-progress.

The BGCLBR 2017 Summer Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program was held from July 31 – September 15, 2017 at the Gaye Town Club. There were more than 125 children and youth attending the summer program. For many children and youth, the 2017 Summer STEM program introduced them to the world of science and mathematics.


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BGCLBR American Board Members


BGCLBR Board Members and Team in Liberia


BGCLBR has a challenging role in assisting the least privileged children and youths in Liberia. The Liberian Civil War that spanned throughout the 1990’s and into the early years of the 21st Century destroyed every fabric of the Liberian society. Greatly affected were the Education and Healthcare sectors. Liberian children did not only die but were turned into killer child soldiers. During 2014 & 2015, Liberia was plagued by a deadly Ebola epidemic that claimed 4,810 lives including children. Children are always the unfortunate victims. BGCLBR presently provides after school programs that assist least privileged students to perform better academically and socially. Each member is encouraged to graduate high school and become a responsible citizen. BGCLBR believes that without education Liberia’sfuture is bleak.

BGCLBR's programs provide pathways to great futures for all children and youths of Liberia.

How You Can Help

Currently we have many dedicated adults who are volunteering their time to work for the children of Liberia. Unfortunately we can only accept a maximum of 100 students in each of our Clubs due to current limited financial resources. For the Boys & Girls Club Movement to grow and BGCLBR work for the children of Liberia to expand we must have dedicated funding partners who will sponsor our members and help us to make a larger impact. Please contact us for more information and how you can become a supporter of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Liberia (BGCLBR).

Contact Us

8025 New LaGrange Road, Louisville, KY, 40222/ Tel. 502-425-7150 / 502-819-9446/ Email:

Gaye Town, Old Road Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia/ Tel. 011231770463204/011231886551855/011231777290132

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